Celebrating Crafts(wo)menship- My Name is Manuela Leis, I am a Mens bespoke Tailor and Fashion designer

Celebrating Craftsmenship My name is Manuela Leis I am a mens bespoketailor and fashion designer m.leis MAENTEL Maßmantel Mantel nach Maß schneidern lassen maßgeschneiderter Mantel Berlin
Portrait Manuela Leis, Herrenschneiderin in Berlin
Photo: Sebastian Hilgetag

 I learned my craft and gained all relevant certifications at the KunstModeDesign school in Vienna. Subsequently, I worked in the Adidas buying department in Herzogenaurach for a ranging-season and delved into the purely business side of the textile industry. Since then I am increasingly critical towards fashion industry.


Determined to place craft at the centre of my work in art and design, I studied fashion design in Berlin and at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga.

During my studies, I began working for Alexander Amann Bespoke Tailoring in Berlin. It is here that I created my graduation collection with the aim to modernise tailoring by marrying traditional craft with a contemporary, urban approach.


I was very honoured to be given top honours in my graduation year in 2013 for my work.


After graduating, I continued working as a mens bespoke tailor for Mr Amann and honing my craft. At the same time, I gained certifications of the master-craftsmens' examination in bespoke tailoring from the Chamber of Crafts of Berlin.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to further my professional experience in pattern making, cutting, and fittings while working as tailor and cutter with the Theatre in Greifswald and as  patternmaker and cutter at the Semperopera in Dresden.


In October 2017, I opened my own tailoring house in Berlin-Weißensee.


Customers' reviews

While I am incredibly passionate about artistic expression and working with materials in creative ways, I see myself, first and foremost, as a service provider and craftswoman with the wonderful chance to create sustainable and purpose-built pieces.

The beauty of my profession as a bespoke tailor is that I know exactly who I am making the finished product for. I work for and with real people with their own special wishes and idiosyncrasies, not for a target group, analyzed and put together by sales-driven parameters. Ultimately, that’s what truly fascinates me: working with an individual. I don’t feel any need to follow fashion trends or repeat old lessons of bespoke tailoring by rote. I make unique pieces for unique people.


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handmade buttonhole in a forest-green Greatcoat

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photo by Sebastian Hilgetag, Ironing of a bespoke garment, details of the workshop, dry iron

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Photo by Sebastian Hilgetag; Aufzeichnen des Maßschnittmusters auf dem Oberstoff in der Werkstatt von Manuela Leis