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Bespoke Tailored Overcoats, Coats and bespoke suits mens bespoke tailoring in Berlin Welcome to Manuela Leis Atelier m.leis MAENTEL Maßmantel Mantel nach Maß schneidern lassen maßgeschneiderter Mantel

 A bespoke tailored overcoat or bespoke suit will be your companion through your life and is likely to become your favourite garment.  As the foundation of any good wardrobe an overcoat not only needs to be warm and comfortable. Its design also should be timeless and dress you well in different occasions. Working with rugged, sturdy materials and creating high-quality, long-living garments with individual details is what really sets my tailors' heart racing.


That is why I - as the only mens bespoke tailor in Germany -

put my focus on making bespoke overcoats and coats for men and women.


 Applying the craft and skills of traditional mens bespoke tailoring, I strive to create individual and unique bespoke coats and bespoke overcoats that are not beholden to the whims of mens or womens current fashion trends. Because a garment should fit the wearer, not the other way round. This goes for a piece off the rack and even more for a bespoke tailored overcoat, coat or suit.

Bespoke Overcoats - Craftsmenship from Berlin

Quality is Key for Sustainability - Handcrafted bespoke Overcoats By  Bespoke Tailor Manuela Leis in Berlin


Overcoats need to withstand more punishment and should still last longer

than any other garment.


Come wind or rain or snow, an overcoat must keep the wearer warm and dry and leave room for layers of clothing underneath without limiting the wearer’s mobility at all. It needs to be designed to be worn for years, while still allowing for developing tastes. In that sense, it requires to work both with your current wardrobe and pieces yet to come. To complicate matters further, it should to fit all occasions equally well.


 But there is more about a favourite garment than just a great fit and the look:


We wear it often and excessively and even the best pieces will degrade over time.  As such, it needs to be able to allow for repairs but also changes in your body type in order to keep the coat wearable for as long as possible. At least that’s part of my my idea of sustainability.


The Process of Bespoke Tailoring

Every step of the bespoke process for an overcoat, coat or suit, takes place at my workshop in Berlin - from taking measurements to pattern-making right through to placing it into its new owners' hands.


The first step is to meet for an informal conversation to discuss your vision in terms of style, colour, and fabric and create a rough sketch of what the finished result might look like.


Once you’ve decided on a suitable fabric from a wide selection from many of the world’s best mills, I take all necessary body measurements and create your individual bespoke pattern. Now finally the making process of the bespoke garment begins.

Over the course of several fittings - starting with the torso (including details like pocket shape, collar shape, buttons, and linings), then sleeve options, and all other design elements - I work with you to develop your very personal, unique bespoke overcoat.

Bespoke Tailoring Prices

The development and making of a handcrafted bespoke overcoat demands at least 60 hours of work. As fabric prices can vary so wildly, the prices you see below are only making costs (incl. 19% VAT). The price of fabric is not included in that price.


In response to growing demand, I also offer bespoke suits, jackets, and trousers. These products also require time and work, as all handcrafted goods do.



Bespoke Overcoat:    Making from € 3290 ;  delivery time 4-6 weeks



Bespoke Three-Piece Suits:    Making from € 4000 ; delivery time 4-6 weeks



Bespoke Jacket:    Making from € 2970 ; delivery time 3-4 weeks


About Me

Portrait Manuela Leis, Herrenschneiderin in Berlin
Photo: Sebastian Hilgetag

 I learned my craft and gained all relevant certifications at the school for fashion and textiledesign "Die Herbsstraße" in Vienna. Subsequently, I worked in the Adidas buying department in Herzogenaurach and delved into the purely business side of the textile industry. Since then I am increasingly critical towards fashion industry.


Determined to place craftsmenship at the centre of my work in art and design, I studied fashion design in Berlin and at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga.

During my studies, I began working for Alexander Amann in Berlin. It is here that I created my graduation collection with the aim to modernise bespoke tailoring by applying traditional craft with a contemporary, urban approach.

For my work I was given top honours in my graduation year in 2013.

After graduating, I continued honing my skills as a mens bespoke tailor for Mr Amann. At the same time, I gained certifications of the master-craftsmens' examination in bespoke tailoring from the Chamber of Crafts of Berlin.

I furthered my professional experience in pattern making, cutting, and fittings while working as tailor and cutter with the Theatre in Greifswald and as  patternmaker and cutter at the Semperopera in Dresden. In October 2017 I opened my own tailoring house in Berlin.


While I am incredibly passionate about artistic expression and working with materials in creative ways, I see myself, first and foremost, as a service provider and craftswoman with the wonderful chance to create sustainable and purpose-built pieces.

The beauty of my profession as a bespoke tailor is that I know exactly who I am making the finished product for. I work for and with real people with their own special wishes and idiosyncrasies, not for a target group, analyzed and put together by sales-driven parameters. Ultimately, that’s what truly fascinates me: working with an individual. I don’t feel any need to follow fashion trends or repeat old lessons of bespoke tailoring by rote. I make unique pieces for unique people.


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I use Instagram to document progress on my current bespoke tailoring projects.

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